The building is of traditional Taiwanese architecture that has a history of over 250 years. The building is composed of three connected buildings, as well as a ‘dragon’ courtyard to the side. Whilst there have been restorations to some areas of the building, other areas, such as its foundation, are still as they were in the Qing Dynasty. The granite stones that support many of the rooms are from the Ming dynasty, aged at over 370 years old.

During the Qing Dynasty Guningtou was home to many of the army officers, of which they were all from Fujian province. In Guningtou village, the highest ranking military officer was in charge of the whole Fujian province, where as the owner of this building was the general’s subordinate.A feature of Kinmen island is that there are over 80 public statues of WindLionGods: small statues that are said to cast away bad luck that travel through the wind.  In our guesthouse we have also kept an original roof statue that is over 250 years old.

Inside the guesthouse is an ancient totem, given to a fallen officer to signify his achievements after his death. The soldier was a military officer from Fujian (different to the owner of the house) and inside our shrine is a Dragon Plate, a gift bestowed by the Qing emperor to officer if they died without any family to bury them. As the officer had no children or parents when he died, the gift is considered very significant to his next life. The Dragon Plate is offered to different soldiers depending of their military status at the time of their deat

In our second talking room the walls are made of its original silver-grass structure, dating back over 250 years, making it an unique element in any guesthouse. During the war with China, this building was was open to all residents for free. People would use this building to get together with other locals to talk or play games, or children come after school to see other children. During this time, many people were displaced due to many houses being bombed or without water, so this house was used as a local community support center. Stories can be told of this period about that time by local residents.

Since our guesthouse has opened, we have many types of guests, such as families, travelers as well as entertainment companies. In the past our staff have arrived on working holiday visas, coming from Asia and Europe. We hope we can share many cultural experiences and dreams with you in Guningtou.