Things You Should Know

Basic Information
1) Please note that during national holidays and consecutive public holidays, in addition to the regular price, we will add a further TWD600 per room/per night.
2) Our Guesthouse offers discount on package and large group bookings or guests staying for multiple days. For more information on package discounts, please contact us.
3) Discounts available for all guests if they stay longer than two days.
4) Our guesthouse has different sized rooms, and these rooms have different styles and are priced differently. All rooms include breakfast for the guests.
5) Our guesthouse is a GREEN hotel, so please try to provide your own toothpaste, toothbrush and towel to prevent any unnecessary washing/usage.
6) Please note that our guesthouse is completely non-smoking. In accordance with government laws, smoking in any public area (museums, restaurants etc.) is completely forbidden. Any guest caught smoking in such places, including our guesthouse rooms, can be fined from TWD2,000 – TWD10,000. 。
7) Check-In – Guests must confirm on their arrival time before 10:00am.
Weekday check-in time is between 15:00pm-18:00pm.
Weekend and Holiday check-in time is between 15:00pm-18:00pm.
If guests arrive after 18:00pm without contacting us before, we will cancel their booking.
8) Check-Out
Weekday check-out time is 11:00am.
Weekends and Holidays check-out time is 10:00am.
If guests check out later than 12:00pm, we will charge them for the price of an extra day.

1) You must pay a deposit within three days on your booking in order to confirm your room(s). These are priced as the following: bookings made for weekdays require a 30% deposit of the total price; bookings made for Fridays, Saturday and public holidays require a 50% deposit of the total price; for Chinese New Year Eve booking a full 100% down payment is required to confirm your room. Websites, such as Agoda, can help you pay your deposit. If guests do not provide a deposit within three days, we will not reserve a room, nor will we reserve a room for them in the future.
2) Reservations can be paid by cash or credit card. Guests must confirm proof of reservation through Email, Telephone, WeChat or Line (either through a photograph of the deposit or telling us the last 5 digits of your card number).
3) Upon guests arrival, we ask guests to pay the remainder of the room fee.
4) We will use Email, telephone, WeChat or Line to confirm that the deposit has been confirmed and the room is reserved.
5) All the rooms in our guesthouse are double rooms, but not all double beds. All rooms are charged at the rates of double rooms, for up to two people. For an extra person in one room, there is a; TWD600 surcharge one a weekday; TWD800 surcharge for Friday, Saturdays and public holidays.
For children younger than 2 years old, we will not charge (depending on if you have required an extra bed).For children between 3-12 years old, the price is an extra TWD500 (cleaning and breakfast fee).
6) All rooms are priced as double rooms. If you are a single guest, you will be charged the same as two people.
7) Payment method – Bank details
Post Code- 700/ Card Number- 2441041 0568529/ Account Holder’s Name – Lee Chia Jung 李佳融

十二、 Cancellation of Bookings – According to the Tourism Bureau Government Office (Republic of China, Taiwan):
1. If guests cancel on day of their arrival, they will be charged a full 100% of their total deposit.
2. If guests cancel one day before of their arrival, they will be charged a 80% of their total deposit.
3. If guests cancel 2-3 days before of their arrival, they will be charged a 70% of their total deposit
4. If guests cancel 4-6 days before of their arrival, they will be charged 60% of their total deposit
5. If guests cancel 7-9 days before of their arrival, they will be charged a 50% of their total deposit
6. If guests cancel 10-13 days before of their arrival, they will be charged a 30% of their total deposit。
7. If guests cancel their reservations 2 weeks before arrival, we will not charge them any of their deposit. Guests can change the day of their arrival by making a new reservation.
8. If our guesthouse has helped organize extra activities (such as car rental including a driver or restaurant) and the guest cancels, we may be charged by these businesses. If so, we will deduct an appropriate amount from your deposit. If the price of the activities exceed the deposit amount, guests must reimburse the guesthouse with the appropriate amount.
9. In the case of any natural disasters that may disrupt your travel to our guesthouse, the guests should contact our guesthouse immediately. Guests can change the day of arrival or cancel. If guests would like to change their date of arrival, our guesthouse can hold onto the deposit for up to three months. Please note guests should provide evidence that they paid a deposit for their booking, as well as proof of identity in order to receive their deposits. Photos can be sent by email, WeChat or Line. If guests choose to cancel their booking, our guesthouse can offer a full refund of the deposit. Please call to inform us of your decision.
10. Guests who want to change their date of arrival or number of guests seven days before their expected day of arrival are subject to the above rules. When guests book a certain date, the guesthouse will not take other bookings during that week. Therefore, if guests cancel their booking, we will charge them the full amount and will not accept another reservation.
11. If guests plan to add people/rooms to their booking, or cancel the number of people/rooms they need, they must tell use before 7 days (within 7 days of arrival guests are subject to the above rules). If guests arrive at the guesthouse and want to change the type of room, or number of rooms/guests, we will charge them the original price. We organise the room depending on your booking and cannot change the type of room, so we will charge for the extra person. The deposit is based on the original booking and the room style, so that deposit cannot be refunded. Further, the outstanding balance is based on the booking before the guests arrival, so we will charge them the fee of the original booking despite guests changing the room style.

Pick up Service
– Individual guests
1) Pick up service is available upon reservation for up to three people.
2) Without reservation, we will charge for this service. To and from the wharf or airport pick up service is TWD200.
– Package/Groups (3+ Guests)
1) We can help groups organise transport or call taxis for large groups (please see the following prices, regular taxis charge by the meter and are more expensive):
(one way,10-15 minutes) Airport- YinXiang Guesthouse, Guningtou Village – TWD300
(one way,10-15 minutes) Airport- YinXiang Guesthouse, Guningtou Village – TWD300
(one way,10 minutes) Jincheng centre- YinXiang Guesthouse, Guningtou Village – TWD200
(one way,20 minutes) Jinghu centre- YinXiang Guesthouse, Guningtou Village – TWD350*
*If guests want to stop at the Jinghu Duty Free shop, the stop is included if they tell us before.
2) The Kinmen Tourism Bureau can help guests hire drivers, tour guides or vehicles for separate costs. Minibus services can be hired for up to 10 people. For more information, please contact our guesthouse.
3) If guests would like the guesthouse to provide a tour guide for their trip, we will charge TWD2,500 per day. If guests would like a driver for the duration of their trip, we will charge a separate fee.
4) For the tour guide or driver, the full day (8-hours) price is TWD2,500. Every hour beyond the 8-hours will be priced at TWD500 per hour.
5) We encourage guests to use low-carbon transport methods.

Seasonal Activities
1)During the year, various seasonal activities will be held by local residents in order to promote local trade and tradition. In order to promote work for local residents, we offer many activities for guests to join for a small fee of NT250 per person (depending on the activity, please check the guesthouse for more information). Please note that any booking you make the guesthouse will take a small amount of the overall cost, with the majority going to the local fisherman, farmers etc. A NT100 discount is available if you book three activities and we ask for reservations at least two weeks before the desired date. The above activities are subject to reservations, seasonal weather as well as the recommendation of the local fishermen/farmers.
2)Any activities by the sea can potentially be hazardous, so the guests are responsible for their own actions. The guesthouse offers insurance, if guests haven’t already bought, but it is suggested the guest bear responsibility for any risks. The Guesthouse will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur. For Insurance queries or related articles about travel planning, please contact us. Our guesthouse is a GREEN hotel, so we can inform guests on how to be more environmentally friendly. More information on this can be found in our guesthouse manual, or you can contact the guesthouse directly with any questions.

The above prices are only valid at the time of writing.Please see the home page news section for any changes.

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